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And they must build the brand, create memorable awareness or introduce a new product in an engaging way.

I avoided previewing ads on You Tube and other sites so as not to watch them out of context.

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Meanwhile, upstarts have gained a foothold among technologically savvy customers seeking alternative, lower-cost models for simple products.

Daniel Craig plays Jake Lonergan, an amnesiac drifter with a mean right hook; and Harrison Ford is Woodrow Dolarhyde, a rancher who's mean and rich (his name says it all).

Initially the setting is populated by groups of people who don't like each other: city folk who don't like ranchers, bandits who don't like city folk, and Indians who don't like anyone white.

And Web giants such as Google are testing the waters.

The digital disruption that has transformed sector after sector, from publishing to travel, has come to insurance.

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