One more clock weather not updating 2 way sexy video chat

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This permission is no longer required for Kit Kat and above, but some custom ROMs still error out without it.

For those curious about OMC's permissions: Device & app history: OMC checks the currently-running app so it can sleep if the launcher is not on top, saving battery. Photos/Media/Files: Writes to OMC's app-storage folder on your "external" storage.

I just installed beautiful widgets but it's not updating the time.My hunch about Samsung’s Touchwiz interface proved to be true when I decided instead of restarting the phone to instead restart the Touchwiz application.After running a force stop on Touchwiz, my widget once again started responding to input AND updating. To get below: After killing Touch Wiz and then the system firing it back off, the widgets started to work again. After finding that the issue above keeps happening with all weather widgets I placed on home screen, I tried three of the big launcher replacements (Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex).i have advanced task manager installed but have beautiful widgets as an exception so it won't kill it. After recently purchasing Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4, I have had a weird issue with some of my beloved weather widgets not updating.

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