Who is derrick rose dating

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Rose and his attorneys are opposed, not least because they want the case tried before the start of the new NBA season in the fall.

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Filing anonymously, Rose's former girlfriend sued him in Los Angeles County Superior Court last year.In often tearful testimony, the 30-year-old woman told jurors in the federal trial of passing out after a night of drinking with Rose and the others and awaking later to find the three men in her bedroom having sex with her.Saying she believed the men drugged her earlier in the evening, the woman testified that she could remember only snippets of what occurred, but she was adamant that she had not wanted to have sex with the three men and had given them no reason to think otherwise.A verdict against him in this case could not only cost him millions in damages but also do serious harm to his reputation and off-court business interests. The woman spent the morning answering questions from her attorney, Waukeen Mc Coy, who sought to portray his client as the unsuspecting victim of a scheme carried out by Rose and the others.She described to jurors drinking vodka and wine before visiting Rose at the Beverly Hills house he was renting, an effort, she said, to calm nerves caused by the anticipation of seeing the athlete for the first time in several months.

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